Alex Roman: 3d animation monster

When I first saw this on another blog earlier this week, I had to re-post this artist’s work.  In my line of work I have had to do a lot of 3d-cad related design, and in that time you gain an appreciation for the skill and above all, patience, needed to render something really accurately.

Below, is a link to his Vimeo page.  Visit also his website for further videos and images: The Third and The Seventh

Kahn’s Exeter Short Film from Alex Roman on Vimeo.


A recent visit to New Orleans

My friend and I were out walking in the humid New Orleans one night when we passed by this church

With a lightning storm in the background and the dramatic lighting in the front, it really caught my eye.

First Picture added…

Thought I would add up a picture and incorporate it into the blog, and see if I liked the result.  Thankfully, it all looks good.

Crucial Photoshop Tip:  When uploading images, space is often a premium, but so is image quality.  An effective way to get both is to use the Save for Web feature.  There, you can tweak the compression settings and get a large, high quality photo, that still doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Stones fading under still water


First post.

Purpose?  I’m a Senior Designer living in Dallas TX, trying to learn more about design each day.

Writing a blog should help me practice keeping in touch with what is going on in this creative world we live in.  Also, this should help me develop other skills, such as research, writing, and maybe even multi-tasking or time management.  All useful skills when it comes to future projects

It will include inspirational pictures, sketches, renderings, and discussions about articles that I find.

Thats basically it.  I will keep it short for the first post.