Shame on Demi…

Recently, the source of alternative news and curious internet findings has found itself in the sight of Demi Moore’s Lawyers for pointing out a photoshop faux pax on the December issue of W magazine.

Initially when the photoshop mistake was made into news, my reaction was of annoyance.

1. Pretty much everybody in the creative field can use photoshop. It is not an arcane science anymore

2. Are the editors that blind? and….

3. ….on a more socially conscious note, do they realize how this affects all the women that read the magazine?

The world is having enough problems with women of all ages trying to attain this idea of beauty that these types of magazines endorse. In the process, some become sufferers of anorexia and borderline commit suicide. All of this, only to find out, that no matter how or what they do, they will NEVER reach that zenith, because of these digital enhancements.

I understand that there is a flip-side to this argument. Photo-editing is useful to correct color, exposure, noise and other stuff that you don’t want people to see. I would even go as far as to say that it should be used to remove pimples, warts, and various other skin blemishes. But to remove big chunks of body to make somebody appear skinnier than they are? That’s crossing the line.

Of course, I had hoped that this was something that this photo-editing was out of Demi Moore’s control, a choice made late on the editing floor to maybe enhance a fold of clothing. However it seems I was very wrong. Demi wants the picture and accusations taken down from boingboing.

This is saddening, as its not as if she’s ugly, fat, or disproportionate in any way. for having lived a half-century, she has held up rather well. Her husband Ashton Kutcher, who’s half her age, obviously has no complaints either. So why edit the photo? It just makes Demi look bad. I had always had the impression of her as a strong minded person, fitting in a Sigourney Weaver type mold. Unfortunately, it looks like she’s stuck in the same rut as countless other women who see her edited image on W magazine, or any other magazine of that ilk.

First post on Boing Boing about the photo-editing

Second Post: the Lawyers have at it


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