Bike Design Critique #1: Tamburini Corse

Sharp and dangerous - probably a lot of fun to ride...

I have always wondered about bikes.  They for the most part, seem very dangerous and vulnerable.  Not because of its rider usually.  A lot of people unfortunately are oblivious in their cars, eating, jamming to music, texting/talking on their phone.  Hitting another car during any one of these distractions is one thing, and thankfully with all these safety features cars have these days, oblivious people live to be distracted another day.  When you are a motorcyclist (or a bicyclist for that matter), you have neither the distractions or the safety features.  Have an accident, and you are toast.

This leads me to the Tamburini Corse:  An amazing design, intricate, and visceral in its design.  Its hard to tell what is functional and what is decorative.  As much as  I like it, I equally dislike it.  A lot of motorcycles have this styling these days.  Very intricate, detailed, and all over the place.  Its minimal, but fussy.  Was it the designers intention to tell the rider that he’s riding something that looks like it was made of razor blades?  Is it the danger implied by the design that makes it enticing to a future buyer?

Maybe this type of styling is favored because it is so attention grabbing that even the oblivious people will notice it.


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