Snowy February

On another note….

Unlike many people I am a fan of adverse weather.  Here in Texas it is mostly sunny, and every once in a while it rains real hard and thunderstorms roll through, and despite tornado warnings, one doesn’t usually form or its somewhere else sucking up dirt and cows.  The TV anchors have a field day of course as soon as a bad storm rolls through because generally speaking, Texas weather is monotonously hot, with a slight variation in humidity depending on region and time of year.

Where am I going with this?  Well it snowed a decent amount today and as I got out to my car that was on the top floor of the parking garage, it was covered in snow.  I realize this is weak compared to whats happening on the east coast, but for Texas this is a big deal.  My car started up fine, without a problem, it Warmed up nicely as I was moving snow off the windows.  I was wishing I could make snowmen out the white stuff if I had more time, but alas it was time to head to work.

What makes a vehicle more winter-able than another?  Most cars are tested in extreme weather these days to make sure they don’t break down, but are there cars that are better suited to colder climates than others?   Say if I drove a Ford Mondeo or a Chevrolet Camaro, would they have a harder time dealing with this type of weather?  Are Saabs actually designed better for that kind of thing or is it just marketing speak?


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