Overly fancy marketing speak…

Caught this article on Autoblog.com about the latest Cigarette Racing boat created with inspiration from the latest Mercedes SLS Amg.

Here is the link

Looking at the pictures provided, I don’t see the inspiration.  They used the same paint and leather but thats about it.

What particularly caught my eye was this statemen in regards to the paint:

“covers body surfaces like a metallic skin, targeting light reflections to further emphasize exterior character lines and design details.”

So what the marketing people are saying is:  The sparkly paint we used is nice and shiny and makes our boat look cool.

I have a strong dislike for marketing-speak, because it balloons something basic into something unnecessarily grandiose.  It is misleading and estranges the public.

I will say however, credit is due to the marketing people for coming up with such creative phrases to describe things.  It is just not always necessary!

Having been taught transportation design, there are a lot of phrases thrown around to explain the design of a vehicle…but more on that later…


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