Breakdown of a day…

Here’s a break down of my day.

8:00 am I arrive and check my work e-mails and quickly scan my personal e-mails, I answer any emails that need a quick reply if I can.  I go to the kitchen to pour my large glass of water and red tea.  I fill in my time sheets from yesterday,  write down a list of all my to-do’s and projects that I’m working on as well as future projects that I know will be arriving.  I do this every morning to save time having to scan through my notebook in case there are any questions.  By the time the first hour is done, I will have made a few phone calls.

I have i-google page set up that shows all the RSS articles of websites I view for inspiration, news, trends, with some automotive industry thrown in (I started in transportation design after all!).  I scan this to see if anything new has happened.

One of our clients has kept us busy recently, and with 6-8 projects on the go, I am definitely multi-tasking.  By lunch time, I will have cycled through all three projects at least 4 times, jumping from one to the other.  Usually when an image is rendering, I focus on organizing for the other project, or following up on further calls or e-mails.

The afternoon is usually a repeat of the morning, but today one of our other clients had a kick-off meeting about a new project that could be a big deal.  Could be seen at any of the big box stores.  Very much looking forward to working on it!

Its unfortunate that I have to be so vague about who or what I work on.  Until many of these projects are in the public domain I have to keep it quiet about names and project details.  That is however the name of the game here, but I will post images of projects when they do show on the shelves.

Speaking of, I have some pet products I helped design, coming up soon.


Multi-tasking at work

Yesterday was a busy day at work.   Not so busy that I felt like I was drowning, but decently busy.  When I went to bed last night, the whole experience made me think of what my successes and failures have been since I first started working as a designer.

On a personal level, I think back and am amazed at how inept I was sometimes when it came to dealing with clients, dealing with managers and dealing with projects. Maybe Inept is the wrong word.  Akward might be better.

I have thankfully improved since those days.  I still get stuck when dealing with clients and that’s mostly due to not knowing the answers to all their questions.  I have made it quite far, but there is still so much to learn.