Hamburg ’09

While I was at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Exhibition I had the chance to take some snaps of the city.  Unfortunately my chance to really get to know the city was far too short.  I will be going back this year, hopefully I will be able to take more pictures then.

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I went to Seattle a couple of months ago and enjoyed the city immensely.   Here’s one picture, but the best ones have been posted on my behance profile.

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I will still continue to post images here, along with my semi-creative musings, but the meat of my images for those who want to see more, I will post the link to this profile.

I am back on the blogging circuit again.

Several things happened last year that made me stop for a while.  My Father passed away, I married, and shortly thereafter, my wife and I bought a house outside of Dallas.  A lot of emotional stuff I will not go into here.  That is the short of it.  I have jumped back into this now, inspired by my wife starting her own blog.

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She is already off to a good start and is tweaking html code as I write this.  I am immensely proud of her.

Since this is supposed to be a Photo & Sketch blog, I have been lagging on the new sketches and need to put those in.  I will be furiously scanning in the next couple of days.

Bonne nuit.