Textures of Sweden pt.1

This is probably around 10:00 PM.

For those who don’t know, Sweden is my paternal home.  I last lived there in 1989, after which I lived in the UK for fourteen years and after an all too brief summer in Sweden again, I moved to the USA.

My father passed on last year, after a two year long battle with Leukemia, and with heavy hearts the family returned to this central Scandinavian country for his funeral.  As I was looking through the pictures of that visit, it made me wonder what it is to call Sweden home for me?

So, onto part one.  This is a restaurant in a town my parents used to live in and what struck me about it was its natural worn look combined with an understated modernity that really makes it timeless. I can see myself eating some modern yet modest fish dish with hard rye bread and new potatoes garnished with dill.  Washing this down with some Pripps Blå, or Falcon lager with a view over the lake and the picture is complete.  Just before bed calls the sun is merely in temporary twilight and will progress to sunrise soon.


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