Ford F150 Alternative

Its hard not to fall in love with the macho romance of trucks.   They’re big, they’re loud, they haul stuff (when that rare occasion occurs) and have big engines, and give you the chance to pretend you are wearing Stetsons and a Resistol hat or going to a construction site.  My first vehicle that I owned when I moved to Texas was a ’98 Dodge Dakota.  They are overall fun and unless you’re into “mudding”, they don’t get you into too much trouble without giving you a chance to get out of trouble.  I have a open desire to own one again.  Although having a sporty sedan is not a complaint (especially with today’s gas prices) that too gets old sometimes.

Anyway, here’s a F150 I sketched up a while back.  Throwing in some retro into a modern shape.  What would J. Mays think?


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