Good Guys Spring Nationals, Automotive Details Pt. 1

T1i at 1/500 shutter, 4.5 aperture ISO 100

I will add more pictures to my behance profile, but here is the first part of a series of photos that I have taken.  I have always enjoyed taking pictures of cars, but after looking at what seemed like very similar pictures, I started thinking about what work goes into making each vehicle that I see.  Having been through five years of automotive design, I think that heightened that appreciation  led me to focus on sections or “details” of vehicles.  That and the slightly competitive desire to take better pictures of cars than those seen in the glossy publications dedicated to the subject.

Specifically with regard to above picture, classic, and vintage cars make for very intriguing pictures.  Although the design of vehicles today is interesting, there is a certain “safe” feeling to them, with many of them seeming similar or dare I say it, generic.  In success and failure, the older vehicles show how people tried to be different and daring with the technology they had access to.

Going to this show is the chance to see these vehicles in the steel.  Many are re-imagined by their owners.  Some are left as they are, and some become true gems of ingenuity.  It is a true gathering of vintage petrol heads.


2 Replies to “Good Guys Spring Nationals, Automotive Details Pt. 1”

  1. great shot cuz. We are going to have a hot rod show up here in a week or two. I might just have to attend. Can’t wait to see more photos..

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