Lunar Phenom

Do not adjust your television...

Last night while driving home my wife and I got into an amusing argument over whether it was hazy outside or not…the streetlights made it look that way, yet I argued that you could see the houses in the distance. Long story short, both silently agreeing that this argument was silly, we spoke no further on the subject.

When We got home we released our hound (I always wanted to say that) to do his business when we looked up to see the moon in full bloom, but due to this “haze” it had also created this light refraction.  It was beautiful and eerie at the same time.  I only photo-edited it by posting two images together, as my lens could not zoom out enough to capture it all, hence the two blue-ish lens-flares above and below the moon.

In the past I have seen this type of weather phenomenon with the sun, but never with the moon.


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