Making Carpentry Exciting.

You have to give the creator of the video serious props for not only making a dramatic video, but also giving reverence to such an ancient but skilled craft.



4th of July weekend – Queen Wilhelmina Lodge trip

Sunset bliss

We decided to take a relaxing road trip on a whim, based on recommendations from my Boss.  We drove across the border to Oklahoma, and then headed east on on Scenic Route 1.  This is a sampling of the pictures from this weekend.  For those who like scenery, and like driving, I cannot think of a better extended weekend trip than this.  for $80 a night it is also cheap.  One day when I have a really sweet set of wheels, I will take this drive again.

Before Fathers day rolls round…


40 years later.

It still works.  sadly the original owner is not around to use it.  I recently did some research on the Minolta only to find some amazing reviews.  It has been used by famous photographers such as Anne Leibovitz and W. Eugene Smith.Its a heavy camera, with all metal construction. Despite being dropped on a concrete factory floor, it came out of the camera repair shop with a clean bill of health.  not something you could achieve with todays equivalent camera.

My dad bought this camera with the intent of taking good record of his family in the years to come.  40 years later, this camera has become part of our family history.

I learned how to use it in high school when I took photography classes.  It has a satisfying mechanical sound and is, apart from the metering system, completely mechanical.  In the next couple of weeks I am going to post some of the photos taken with this camera. watch this space.